PEFC and FSC certified

Our connection with wood is as old as humanity and cannot be ignored in our daily lives. We, as a supplier of wooden floors, contribute through a good and responsible offer.

Contribute through a good and responsible offer
Wood is all around us, as a building material, piece of furniture, musical instrument, toys and of course as a floor. A wooden floor is healthy to live on and unlike modern floors made of plastic and associated chemical processes, wood is free of emissions.

The floors we offer come from Europe: from the managed forests where the wood comes from, to the manufacture and the floorboard.

Lower environmental impact (footprint)
None of our floors in our range comes from Asia, which prevents an enormous environmental impact or so-called footprint.
Due to globalization, wood species come to the Netherlands from, for example, Africa and North and South America. The floors that are created with this are only offered by us if this is done in a responsible manner. We check where the raw wood comes from and where it is turned into a floorboard, simply by checking this with the supplier. If we’re behind it, we’ll sell it, otherwise we won’t.

FSC and PEFC certified
Our participation in the FSC and PEFC certified chain of companies is appropriate in this regard, and you as a consumer have the reassurance that your wooden floor is a sensible choice.